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Get your appointment on the schedule by calling 949-877-4956 or using our Book Now system at your convenience.


Once we understand your needs, then we’ll provide you with a clear quote. This comes at no cost and is always fair and affordable.


Then our team will load up your unwanted stuff and haul it away. We even make sure everything is recycled or disposed of properly.


Although we’re happy to adjust to your unique situation surrounding junk removal, our guys are experts in specific services! Here’s a list of our most common, sought-after ones:

  • Junk Removal. Whether there’s junk at your home, place of business, or other space you manage, we’ll gladly take care of it. As long as your items are non-hazardous, that is!
  • Commercial Junk Removal. When you own a business, way more cleaning tasks than you ever anticipated might fall into your hands. With our team, though, you won’t have to lift a finger or waste a minute on them!
  • Furniture Removal. Furniture is right up there with appliances on the list of things you shouldn’t lift yourself. Instead, leave your furniture removal to the pros at HaulNJunk!
  • Light Demolition. We simplify home renovation projects by a landslide! Whether you need a shed, fence, or other small structure torn down, we can handle it. 
  • Hot Tub Removal. We specialize in hot tub removal and offer a valuable service for homeowners and businesses looking to dispose of their old or unused hot tubs. Don’t worry– our full-service team will make it a painless experience for you!


Just one of the many ways we show that we care is through our competitive, inexpensive pricing! Being a locally-owned and operated company, we don’t charge you the expected add-on fees that corporate companies do. Instead, our junk removal in Orange County is priced based on volume! That means that no matter what service you book, your junk removal cost depends on how much junk you have.

Another huge plus of our pricing system is how transparent it is. As part of your junk removal service, our guys will give you an upfront, all-inclusive quote at no charge. That ensures that we both know what price you’ll be paying at the end of the day!



JRA has been great to work with for the most part. They are quick to respond back and have provided everything they said they would. Shane is always a pleasure to work and he did AMAZING with our photos! Taylor is a great handler of our website and truly believe he did the best he could with the tools he was given. We've had a couple hiccups along the way including our account manager being switched without notice who didn't seem to know what she was doing and our business definitely suffered a couple weeks due to that. JRA is a good company to help you get started up until you really get your feet settled in.
JRA has helped me from day one to the end, I owned Yellow Jacket Junk Removal in Florida and I was doing great for a few years even with the Pandemic, I was doing great! Then my Mom was diagnosed with Glioblastoma Cancer in the brain, worst of the worst Cancers. I decided to give it all up to be with my mom and be there for her, and Sheldon aka Bud was so helpful in helping me with the process of selling my truck and I am truly grateful he has helped me. So though people bash JRA or upset with the company at times, I would say every business cannot make every customer happy not even Disney Land can do it but the team is great, helpful, and have that wonderful Southern Hospitality!! Thank you JRA!!!
JRA took a personalized approach to help me build my website and reach local customers! Before I signed up with JRA, most of my jobs for be 1-3 item pick ups. Now I’m booking cleanouts almost weekly and my average jobs fill up at least half my truck.
JRA has been a game changer when it comes to providing us with SEO/Google ads services!We have been enrolled for about 7 fullmonths now and I’m very please with the results!They have kept us updated about our progress on a monthly basis and whenever I have a question I know they are just on call/text away!Also, Melissa’s training course was an eye opener and has been very helpful to us on how to answer phone calls for our business!!Much thanks to Shane, Mike, Jasmine, Garret and Sarah for their work ethic!
The JRAJunk Removal Authority Marketing Company truly lives up to it's name! They are definitely the world's leaders in the successful operation and marketing for any current or future junk removal business!HavingSuccessfully been in the junk removal business for over 12 years now it was not until I teamed up with JRA that our business exploded!JRA took away all our headaches of having to deal with google marketing, website operation and SEO!Their smart talented friendly team of Marketing Experts including Shane, Taylor, Sarah and Maggie have streamlined our business into a 24 hour lead generating machine!The team is always in touch keeping us updated on everything they are creating for our junk removalcompany.We could not be happier and I highly recommend JRA to anyone interested in owning a junk removal business or wanting to improvetheir current company.Joe T
Junk-it Tampa began using JRA call center ~3 months ago. I only wish I had known about them when I started the business. They know and understand the junk removal business and have improved the number of jobs booked. JRA is very detailed oriented and provide me status of each client they are in contact with, which is something my last call center wasn't doing.Also Melissa has been a tremendous help with setting up the call center for my company. She keeps me informed on quality improvements they are making that are helping my business grow.
Excellent Company! Very professional and very upstanding. They only take on and help a couple businesses in an area much like a franchise operates. If you were a franchised company you wouldn’t want another franchise of the same, opening too many in your area. They don’t saturate They assist companies with marketing, answering phones and guiding businesses to success.
We are a Junk Removal + Dumpster Rental company in the Panhandle in Florida. We have been working with Junk Removal Authority from day one. They built our website and continue to host it.When we call Sophie and her Web team to make some changes needed to our website, she assign Mrs. Joy to make changes to work with us. We could not be happier with the professional approach and EXCELLENT work done by Mrs. Joy.We recommend JRA and the excellent work of Mrs. Joy in the Web team. Thank you Mrs. Joy, Sophie and Lee. You guys, ROCK!
Thank you JRA! My junk removal business has grown so fast in just the first 3 months of business. Carly and Taylor had made it so easy on the marketing side of things.
JRA has been amazing! They are quick to respond to my calls/requests even while helping business owners on a national scale. I have zero doubt that my hard earned dollars are well invested in the services that JRA provides. All of the JRA team members have been fantastic, but I have to give a special thank you to Garrett, Brandon, and Sheldon for being rockstars in their areas of expertise. JRA is the way to go if you want to take your business to the next level or start off ahead of the curve with your brand new business!


When you have too much junk cluttering up your space, it can impact your productivity, unfortunately for the worse. However, now there’s an affordable solution catering to you! At HaulNJunk, we’re a local company that provides professional, full-service junk removal in Orange County. Our team of strong, friendly haulers are specialists for all sorts of junk removal services, ranging from commercial cleanouts to simple one-item pick-up jobs. They have the range you need to get your junk removal job done on your terms!