3 Reasons To Get Rid of the Junk Sitting in Your Garage – September 16, 2022

When was the last time you cleaned out your garage? Whether you choose to hire professional junk hauling services to help with the process or you do it yourself, it can be easy to put it off for too long. If you need some garage cleaning inspiration, consider why it is a good idea. 1….

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Make Room in the Man Cave for Your New TV – September 6, 2022

If you just can’t bear to squint through another football season trying to watch games on your old TV, it may be time to kick it out. Whether your television is ancient and outdated, broken or just no longer up to your standards, proper TV removal and recycling is the first step when preparing to…

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Reasons Your Should Hire a Professional To Remove Your Couch – August 24, 2022

Whether you’ve purchased a new couch or are just tired of your old one, you will need to find a way to get your old one to the dump. You could ask friends and family to help, but if they don’t show up, you will be left handling it by yourself. Here are some reasons…

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Get Rid of Old Electronics the Right Way – August 4, 2022

A reputable junk removal service offers more than a truck and some strong backs; they have the know-how to dispose of different types of waste in the correct way. This can be extra important when handling certain types of rubbish, such as e-waste. Here are three reasons to rely on professionals when you dispose of…

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What Are the Benefits of Hiring an Experienced Junk Removal Company? – July 18, 2022

Getting rid of junk is often the first big step that you need to take care of to complete a big project. It is also the first thing that you need to do if you want to reclaim space in your home.  Calling experienced junk haulers for help is the best way to rid your…

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Clean Your Garage Without Worrying About the Junk – July 18, 2022

What does your garage look like? If you are like many people, it’s probably become a place to store everything you cannot keep in your home. Even if your garage is out of sight, out of mind, cleaning out your garage is still beneficial to your overall home. Why Should You Clean Your Garage? When…

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Trash or Treasure: Deciding What To Donate When Decluttering Your Garage – July 6, 2022

When it comes to decluttering, garage cleanouts can be intimidating. Garages are often filled with bulky items, but a little creative thinking can help you decide what to donate and where. Items To Donate Items in good working condition are helpful to many types of organizations. Ask schools, community centers, and groups that serve at-risk…

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Why Should You Hire an Experienced Junk Removal Team? – July 1, 2022

Getting rid of a lot of junk is no small chore. Whether you have a carload of stuff to get rid of or a whole truckload of stuff, hiring a professional junk removal company can take all of the hard work out of a potentially big undertaking. Get Your Project Done in Time Little by…

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How to Dispose of Your Old Refrigerator – June 14, 2022

Sometimes disposing of large appliances or other items can be a stressful thing, and refrigerator removal is no exception. If you’re wondering what the proper way is to do so, look no further! Here are a couple of ways you can get rid of your old fridge. Trade It Back in to the Manufacturer Depending…

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What Are the Benefits of Professional Junk Removal in Orange County? – June 7, 2022

For many families and business owners, having accumulated items taking up space is frustrating. Do you have a room you barely use because of junk? That’s not something you have to live with. Clearing out old possessions such as mattresses, furniture, boxes and unused items isn’t difficult thanks to pro junk removal in OC. Gorgeous…

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Where to Haul Your Junk in Orange County – May 23, 2022

You got a load of junk but don’t have the time or patience for cleaning up? Get rid of your junk today! Orange County’s premier family-owned junk removal service, HaulNJunk, is ready to help and serve your needs. Donate or Recycle Don’t want to trash what others might treasure? We donate and recycle more than…

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Should You Donate or Trash Your Junk? – May 23, 2022

Do you tend to be double-minded when it comes to your junk, unsure if you should donate or trash your clutter? Junk removal is daunting, annoying, but also generous; however, you know not to be lazy and just donate all your junk, but how do you determine what’s donation worthy and what’s not? Home It’s…

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