Costa Mesa Junk Removal

HAULNJUNK specializes in the removal of unwanted junk from
either your home, office or storage units.

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Costa Mesa Junk Removal

Costa Mesa Junk Removal in Orange County

Unwanted stuff has a way of accumulating in your home or business. As you replace electronics, you are left with cords, printers, monitors and keyboards. As you upgrade to better recreational toys, you might have a couple of extra bikes, kayaks or canoes. When you replace your furniture, you wind up with mattresses, entertainment centers and sofas in various places. You can get rid of these things piecemeal, or you can hire a professional company to do it for you in one fell swoop.

At Haul N Junk, we provide expertise with Costa Mesa junk removal. Whether you need help with clearing out your home or business, our team provides many valuable benefits:

  • Timely junk removal
  • Safe cleanouts
  • Free and fast quotes
  • Environmentally-friendly disposal
  • Convenient scheduling
  • A clear, comprehensive price

We take the stress out of getting the junk out of your life. Your home or business will look better and you will have room for the things you need.

Get Rid of Clutter Safely

In addition to the time and trouble of taking care of things yourself, you also run the risk of injury. Getting rid of car parts, large pieces of furniture and bulky items is a job for professionals who have the right equipment. There is no need to put your back at risk. Our team of experienced haulers can do the job safely, using dollies, carts and teamwork to haul away difficult items. Our trucks are equipped to handle bulky pieces, and we work efficiently. Most jobs will just take us a few hours to complete.

Remove Materials the Environmentally Responsible Way

We do everything we can to reduce the amount of junk we take to the landfill. For starters, we look through old materials to see if someone else in the community has a need for it. If so, we donate these to charitable organizations. We also recycle where possible. Recycling metals and other items is a priority for us. We take machine parts and metal scraps and make sure they are put to use again. All of this contributes to a cleaner environment and a healthier planet.

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We can schedule an appointment to haul away your refuse for homes and businesses. Just let us know where the stuff is located and we will dispose of it in a responsible manner. Our Haul N Junk teams work quickly as they take care of all of your cleanup and refuse needs.

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