Get Rid of Old Electronics the Right Way

A reputable junk removal service offers more than a truck and some strong backs; they have the know-how to dispose of different types of waste in the correct way. This can be extra important when handling certain types of rubbish, such as e-waste. Here are three reasons to rely on professionals when you dispose of electronic waste.

Rules and Regulations

Most communities place restrictions on the disposal of electronics like computers and televisions. There may be limits to how these items are handled, where they can go or the quantities accepted. A professional removal company will be familiar with the rules and help ensure your junk doesn’t end up somewhere it shouldn’t be.

Time and Hassle

You want to do the right thing with your e-waste, but it’s not always easy when you have lots of other priorities. You may not know exactly how to find the recycling or e-waste facility or their location or hours of operation may be inconvenient. HAULNJUNK can pick up your old electronics at the same time as any other junk you have, and dispose of each category in a proper way while you go about your life!

Safe and Sustainable

We don’t like to think about it, but many of the devices we use every day contain some toxic substances, and most aren’t meant to be dumped in a landfill. Relying on waste disposal professionals with a commitment to safe disposal or recycling of refuse means you are helping protect your family, your neighborhood, the planet and the future!

If you have old TVs, computers or other e-waste to get rid of, call HAULNJUNK today to have us quickly clear it away!

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