HaulNJunk doesn’t complicate things when it comes to junk removal. We make the junk removal process painfully easy to digest!



When you need junk removal in Orange County without the extra headache, we’re your guys. Our friendly team makes how it works a breeze on your part- as they should! After all, it’s their job to make your life easier.

  • Booking. First, you must book our team. You can either give us a call, book us online, or contact us! Following that, we’ll follow up with you to discuss pricing, giving you a free estimate.
  • Free Quote. After promptly arriving on time to your appointment, our haulers will ask to see your junk so that they can show you a price. Depending on your volume of junk, we’ll present you the appropriate price!
  • Junk Removal. By approving our free quote, you give us the green light to begin your service! And voila, just like that, your work is done. We’ll cover all the hauling, removal, disposal, and even cleanup for your convenience.


With HaulNJunk, your 5-star customer service experience will be matched with a fair, cheap price. If you’re curious about how it works, don’t worry, it’s simple! Your price simply depends on your junk volume- that’s it. At your scheduled appointment, you can expect our friendly team members to quickly examine your junk load and land on a price from there. Then, they’ll present that firm, honest price to you through a free quote!

Worried about add-on surprise fees? Luckily, you don’t have to sweat those with us!  As opposed to competing companies, we don’t sneak additional fees onto your bill. The price you see on your quote is what you should expect!



Get your appointment on the schedule by calling 949-877-4956 or using our Book Now system at your convenience.


Once we understand your needs, then we’ll provide you with a clear quote. This comes at no cost and is always fair and affordable.


Then our team will load up your unwanted stuff and haul it away. We even make sure everything is recycled or disposed of properly.


At HaulNJunk, we pledge to help protect the environment of our service areas through eco-friendly waste disposal. Instead of taking shortcuts and dumping your junk in landfills, we strive to recycle and donate as much as we can from your junk load. That way, we can help preserve Earth’s valuable resources and encourage more sustainable practices in our neighborhoods simultaneously! It all starts when we see what junk items you need removed. From there, we can determine where that type of waste should be disposed of. After all, as waste removal and management experts, we have a firm grasp on disposal! That’s what makes how it works a smooth process.

  • Donations. Dropping off donations is a no-brainer way to practice sustainable disposal while giving back directly to the community. Our team takes pride in donating working items like furniture, appliances, toys, and gym equipment.
  • Recycling. If everyone put a little more effort into recycling, Earth would most likely be a much cleaner place. That’s why we always recycle any items we can, from cardboard to scrap metal! Other items we strive to recycle more include appliances and mattresses.


At HaulNJunk, we’re the top premium company providing full-service junk removal in Orange County! Not only do we have all the right tools under our belts and in-the-field experience, we always put you first. Instead of leaving you stressed or overwhelmed with an unfinished job, our guys tackle every step of your junk removal entirely and leave no speck of dust behind! Although how it works is effortless for you, our guys handle everything from heavy lifting to disposal and cleanup. Although that sounds intimidating and time-consuming, we get through it faster than you’d believe! To top it off, we can get to your service faster than all the other guys. That’s because we work hard everyday in order to provide you and neighbors with reliable same and next-day service! And no, we’re not scared of tight deadlines. In fact, we thrive on high stakes! Give us a call or book online today for service you can trust.

Owned locally by minorities and first responders in your community, we serve Orange County with pride. More specifically, we cater to San Clemente, Newport Beach, and other surrounding areas.