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HAULNJUNK specializes in the removal of unwanted junk from
either your home, office or storage units.

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Irvine Junk Removal

Irvine Junk Removal in Orange County

If you’re facing a mountain of trash, an ugly couch or a storage room full of unwanted office supplies, it’s time to contact Haul N Junk. Discover how we can take your accumulated garbage and make it disappear. Don’t spend your evenings and weekends sorting through recycling, lifting heavy items or searching for the best Irvine junk removal service, but turn to us for hassle-free services that clear your property and help you enjoy a fresh start.

Typical Items We Remove

Homes and commercial facilities can easily become overwhelmed with unwanted items. Many of these items are heavy and difficult to safely remove. Here are some items that you can trust us to handle on your property:

  • Electronics
  • Furniture
  • Appliances
  • Car parts
  • Scrap metal
  • Bicycles
  • Office equipment

These are the most common items we remove, but we can help you deal with any trash emergency. We deal with large items, piles of smaller items, unorganized trash and old carpeting. At Haul N Junk, we’re committed to not only removing unwanted refuse but finding ways to reduce the amount of trash that heads to the landfill.

Benefits of Irvine Junk Removal

A common reason homeowners and business owners in Irvine are hesitant to throw away used items is the concern that they’ll head straight to a landfill. Our team is committed to donating and recycling as much as possible. We start by quickly removing all the items from your location and taking them to our facility.

Next, we sort through all the unwanted items to determine whether they can be reused or recycled. Reusable items are donated to appropriate locations to be given a new life. Recyclable scrap metal and other items are sent to recycling centers in the area.

Our trained team handles the entire process. You won’t have to haul that heavy couch out to the street or sort through that mountain growing in your garage. Simply send a photo of your items to our team and we’ll offer you a single, quick quote. Once you accept, you can schedule a junk removal time and we’ll handle the rest.

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Say goodbye to old furniture, scrap auto parts and inefficient appliances. Schedule a pickup in Irvine to enjoy convenient junk removal services from Haul N Junk. Free up storage space or prepare for a new appliance installation project with our efficient services. Give you back a break and spend your free time relaxing, not hauling heavy items or navigating messy storage areas of unwanted items.

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