Our top-notch junk removal service in Dana Point is the ultimate solution to clear out any unwanted items while giving your space the refreshing makeover it deserves.


Efficient Junk Removal Services in Dana Point

Dana Point truly is one of the most desirable cities to be in along the coast of Orange County. It’s clean, beautiful, and there’s tons to do. At HaulNJunk we just love cruising through here on junk pick ups. Providing the most efficient junk removal services in Dana Point. We’re doing what we do best, helping to keep the city clean and free of junk.

Committed to activities and living the good life, Dana Point residents are all about the upkeep. We mean proper waste management and trash disposal. Keeping these streets clean and our disposal methods green is what it’s all about. When you work with HaulNJunk, we’re working towards the same cause. Our services are efficient because we cover everything from pick up to disposal and we do it all the right way.

Why Choose Us for Junk Removal Services in Dana Point

We take it all! Choose HaulNJunk because we’ll haul just about any type of junk you have. Large and small furniture items like sofas and coffee tables. Or appliances like ovens, washers, and dryers. Our teams will show up with the right equipment needed to haul your junk. All you have to do is step aside and watch us work!

When you choose us you’re getting hauling services from professionals. All of our team members are trained and experienced in what they do. Once more, we’re a family-owned company. A team of minorities and first responders. So we’ve been around the block, and this is our neighborhood, too. You’ll be getting service from a team who’s about the community they’re servicing.

HaulNJunk also takes junk removal in Dana Point seriously. Our disposal process is unbeatably green and environmentally conscious. When we haul junk, we don’t just take it to a landfill and dump it; our crew takes the time to sort refuse for items that can be used and donated to charities. The other items and materials can be taken to recycling centers to be repurposed. That’s the service quality standards we work up to!

Our Process for Junk Removal Services in Dana Point

  1. Booking – Start by booking an appointment for service with us. It’s easy. Just call (949) 877-4956. Let’s talk trash! Or, if you prefer, you can book online and choose your service date and type right from the calendar. We’re looking forward to picking up your junk!
  2. Free Quote – We’ll take a look at your junk and provide you with a firm service quote, right there on the spot. Our junk removal prices are affordable and fairy determined. We charge based on the amount of space your junk will take up in one of our trucks. And you can expect no hassles in the end. A quote is a quote!
  3. We Get Hauling – We’ll collect your junk and have it out of your way in no time. We lift, carry, and move everything ourselves. Once your junk is loaded into our trucks, we’ll get it out of your way. Right after we sweep up any debris or dust leftover from the haul. That’s how we handle junk removal services in Dana Point!

Light Demolition Services

Did you know? HaulNJunk does more than just haul. We can take on jobs like light demolition of structures both indoors and outdoors. We can demo outdoor sheds, playsets, decks, and even bathrooms. If you’re looking to makeover your yard, we’re the ones to call to get rid of structures like hot tubs. Because we wont just break them down, we’ll haul them, too!

Did you also know, that you have to have permits to perform most types of demolition on a property. Our teams don’t just come in swinging sledge hammers, we have the licenses to properly tear down structures. And the experience and skills to do it safely. HaulNJunk’s junk removal in Dana Point is about doing things right just as much as it’s about serving our community!

About Us

If you don’t know us yet, get to know us here. We’re your local hauling services. Your home town is ours too and that’s why we strive to hold high standards in our junk removal services. The way we operate is supported by the teams we have and hire. We’re first responders, minorities, and we’re families.

We also offer the best customer service. We’ll haul your junk with a smile! From the moment you call to the moment we’re leaving with your junk, our teams will treat you with respect. Taking your junk removal concerns seriously and seeing to every detail of your service expectations.

HaulNJunk not only provides junk removal services in Dana Point. Our teams do junk pick ups all over Orange County. Find us in areas like San Clemente, Newport Beach, and Laguna Niguel! If you’ve got junk in our town, give us a call and let’s talk trash!