If you’re looking for quality junk removal services in Newport Beach, then call on HaulNJunk. We do junk removal right.


Quality Junk Removal Services in Newport Beach

Hey there, beach town. HaulNJunk here! We’re your local junk removal services in Newport Beach. We’re hauling trash in your town serving residents from the beach to the coast. When you call us, our teams come out, load up your junk, and get it out of your way in no time. If you’re looking to free up some space on your property and dispose of it the right way, we’re the team for you.

Newport Beach is always up to something environmentally considerate! Residents here are consistent about beach-cleanup projects and recycling initiatives in their community. And HaulNJunk is just as excited about keeping Orange County clean. That’s why we haul junk on the regular! Giving residents and business owners alike the opportunity to support a local company that prides itself on proper disposal of bulky items.

We take it all. Regular trash. Furniture. Appliances. Anything that’s not a hazardous waste item and is safe to remove, you can believe that our teams will come out and get rid of it for you. With a service process that’s quick and easy, you can have your junk gone in as soon as today or tomorrow!

Why Choose Us for Junk Removal Services in Newport Beach

HaulNJunk is all about proper disposal of waste. Trash is trash, but items like unwanted furniture or old exercise equipment shouldn’t be tossed out on the street for pick up. It shouldn’t be brought to landfills either. Most of these items can be reused or repurposed. That’s where we come in. Our teams collect junk and sort it for donation to charities, or to be recycled at recycling centers. Because providing responsible junk removal in Newport Beach means caring about where it ends up.

Why choose us? We handle all the hard parts of junk removal for you! Don’t stress over lifting, carrying, or loading up junk. Don’t stress over where to take it, or what fees and expenses you’ll incur at each location. Just call us and rest assured that your junk is going to the right place. We want to offer a quality of service that makes you feel confident in choosing us.

Our Process for Junk removal Services in Newport Beach

Our process in your town is as easy and fair as any other town we serve. We’ll have you cleaned up in three quick steps.

  1. Book an Appointment – Give us a call and let’s talk trash. After all it’s what we do. We can chat over junk removal all day. Call us at (949) 877-4956 to get set up with a service appointment. Or book your own with our easy online booking service.
  2. Get a Quote – Our team of pros will evaluate your junk and give you a free quote for the cost of service. Our junk removal prices are highly rated and some of the most affordable you’ll find. We measure your cost by the amount of space your junk takes up in one of our trucks. Simple as that. Still have concerns about the cost of your junk removal services in Newport Beach? Contact us to learn more!
  3. Junk Removal – There’s nothing left to do but haul. HaulNJunk teams will show up, load up, and take off with your junk. And when we say full-service we mean business. Our teams take care of every aspect of the haul from start to finish and will also sweep up and grab any debris left behind. Making sure to leave you with a clean new space to use as you please!

Commercial Junk Removal Services

HaulNJunk can take on even bigger jobs. Our teams are skilled in all sorts of tasks when it comes to renovations and waste management. If you’re a business owner looking to cleanout an entire office space of junk, we’re your team. You can get commercial cleanout services just by giving us a call and setting up an appointment. And we still offer same-day or next-day services for this bulky job as well. That’s real junk hauling efficiency!

Items like office desks, chairs, boxes, papers, books, and more are all items we can haul for you. Our teams can handle it. We’ll even take out the cubicles if you like! Large and small appliances and electronics like old computers, microwaves, or mini fridges can be picked up too.

We take a lot of these items to recycling centers and charities, doing the hard work of transporting and disposal for you. When we haul junk for commercial cleanouts you can be sure that your refuse is going to the right place and not straight to a landfill.

About Us

HaulNJunk provides junk removal services in Newport Beach and all over Orange County. You can find us in cities like Dana Point, Irvine, Laguna Niguel and more. We consider these towns our home towns too, as we’re local to you. When you support our services you’re giving back to your community!

Responsible disposal is a big deal to us. We’re proud of our commitment to keeping junk out of landfills. And we know Newport Beach is doing all that can be done to build a greener community as well. Help us help you keep the proper disposal method going. Because by working together, we got junk under control.