Let HaulNJunk handle your junk removal services in San Clemente. We mean business!


The Best Junk Removal Services in San Clemente

At HaulNJunk we’re doing our part to keep our side of California clean. We operate all along Orange County’s beautiful beach area from San Clemente all the way to Irvine! As the best junk removal service in San Clemente, we’re proud to be seen driving our trucks around the area. Taking junk where it needs to go. This is our home too and our teams work in support of the green movement. Where instead of hauling all trash and junk to landfills, it’s recycled or donated first.

Orange County is all about maintaining it’s clean and healthy atmosphere. When you choose to use our junk removal services, you’re supporting clean living in San Clemente. What with it’s beautiful beaches and devotion to safety, the communities we serve are all the more better now!

HaulNJunk offers full-service junk removal. That means from the moment you call until all your junk is hauled, we do it all! There’s no easier way to get rid of junk in San Clemente than with us, so give us a call and let’s talk trash!

Why Choose Us for Junk Removal Services in San Clemente

HaulNJunk is your best bet when it comes to efficient junk removal. We keep everything simple, to get your space clean and free of junk as easily as possible. Our process to get set up is quick and our haulers work just as quickly! We don’t dawdle when you call us, we get right to it.

What’s more, when you choose us for your junk pick up you don’t have to worry about where your junk is going. Because we’re just as serious about proper waste management as we are about getting the job done. Your junk isn’t hauled off to a landfill right away, first we take the time to sort and organize it. Items that are still in good and usable condition can be donated to charities in the community. While other refuse and materials are taken to recycling centers to be repurposed. Caring about our foot print in San Clemente always comes first!

You’ll find our pricing and fees are reasonable and affordable, too! HaulNJunk teams evaluate your junk by the truck load. How much have you got? A quarter of a truck, a half load? That’s how your payment is measured, fairly.

The Process for Junk Removal Services in San Clemente

You can get your junk hauled and taken off your hands in just three easy steps!

  1. Book An Appointment – It all starts with a call. Call us at (949) 877-4956 to get set up. We’ll be glad to hear from you! If you’re looking for something easier, use our online booking to set up your service.
  2. Service Quote – Our teams will take a look at your junk and offer you a quote for the service. HaulNJunk’s junk removal prices are always fair and affordable. You won’t have to worry about added fees in the end either. Our quotes are firm.
  3. Getting to Work – Sit back and watch us haul. We’re pros at this so we’ll have your junk hauled off in no time! Say good bye to all that old furniture and refuse. And we don’t just get rid of junk, we clean. So expect us to sweep up and pick up any removal debris on our way out. That’s the HaulNJunk quality of service.

Appliance Removal in San Clemente

When we say appliances, we don’t just mean the light and easy stuff. Microwaves, toasters and what not. We mean the heavy stuff, too. Tossing out a refrigerator, a washer or dryer? We can lift those. HaulNJunk crews are trained professionals when it comes to safe lifting and hauling. Don’t lug heavy appliances on your own, call our services so we can come and take care of that for you.

Appliances can be difficult to swap out or get rid of. You’d have to consider things like how to transport them and where to take them too. Not to mention costs for all of that. You can pay HaulNJunk one affordable rate and we’ll do all the work, and worrying, for you.

Our appliance removal services are set up just like our other services. It all starts with a call!. And one way you can help your appliance removal appoint get along smoother, is to disconnect everything before we arrive! So we can get right to it.

About Us

HaulNJunk is your local junk removal company. Hauling junk all over Orange County. Our junk removal in San Clemente is just as efficient as everywhere else we do business. With an easy process and fair junk removal prices, we’ll have you junk-free in no time.

We care about the communities we serve. Our teams are trying to get rid of junk the right way, so it doesn’t all go to landfills. That’s why for us, proper disposal means taking the time to evaluate and organize junk and get it to the right places. We’re reducing waste and building a greener footprint in California!

We’re real people too. When you work with us you’re supporting a family-owned business. You’re supporting minorities. And you’re supporting first-responders. We came together to make a difference with our hauling services, so let’s talk trash!