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HAULNJUNK specializes in the removal of unwanted junk from
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Laguna Beach Junk Removal

Laguna Beach Junk Removal in Orange County

When you find yourself standing in front of a pile of belongings that you just don’t want to deal with, reach out to junk removal experts. Laguna Beach Junk Removal teams offer a variety of helpful services, including cleaning up the mess after remodeling projects, carrying off the unneeded items from a storage unit, and clearing away random things you’ve kept in the garage for several years. It’s easy to get the project started:

  1. Estimate Your Load Size

Our trucks come in a few different configurations but have a maximum capacity of 480 cubic feet, which is about equivalent to six pickup trucks. Let us know if you need a full load, half a load, or a quarter load. We can also swing by to remove a single item. If you’re not sure how big your load size is, just take a picture and send it to us, and we’ll provide you with an estimate.

  1. Schedule a Pickup Time

Depending on truck availability and your schedule, we may be able to pick up your load on the same day you call. Otherwise, we work out a date and time that are as convenient as possible. Another factor that may affect the pickup time is the type of junk you have in storage. Some loads may require specific equipment that protects the safety of your location and the items being removed.

Our team is prepared to remove a variety of items:

  • Appliances
  • Carpets and rugs
  • Furniture
  • Garbage
  • Mattresses
  • Office equipment
  • Scrap metals
  • Spas

If you don’t see your “junk” on the list, give us a call to learn more about the things we’ll haul away.

We do the heavy lifting for you with a variety of tools and professional techniques. Avoid damaging your home and injuring yourself by allowing us to handle your heaviest, most cumbersome loads. When we get to your location, just point us in the right direction, and we’ll head into the attic, basement, or cellar.

  1. Say Goodbye to Your Junk

As you watch your unwanted items leave, you can be assured that our new cargo isn’t just on its way to a landfill. Instead, we sort through the items. Some belongings may be donated, and many materials, such as metals, get recycled. We are committed to protecting the beautiful environment of Laguna Beach by providing eco-friendly services.

Let go of the anxiety and stress that accompany cluttered areas and old storage spaces. When you’re ready to clear out the old and start fresh, our junk removal services are convenient, efficient, and environmentally friendly.

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