Hot Tub Removal

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Hot Tub Removal

Hot Tub Removal in Orange County

Is it time to retire your hot tub? Work with HAULNJUNK in Orange County, California for safe hot tub removal and efficient recycling services. Replace a leaking jacuzzi or update your outdoor living area with an entirely new way to enjoy your space. Discover the affordable, green way to remove these outdoor systems and other unused items around your home.

Thorough Demolition and Removal

Removing a hot tub is a significant project. These bulky items come with electrical wires, hoses and heavy components that are difficult to safely remove. At HAULNJUNK, our fast, friendly professionals have the know-how and equipment needed to remove, haul away and recycle your outdoor spa. Here are the basic demolition and removal steps for a damaged tub:

  • Disconnect electric and water supply.
  • Take apart or demolish the hot tub to create manageable sections.
  • Load up all the pieces and any related debris.
  • Clean your deck, patio or other outdoor area for full-service removal.
Free Up Your Outdoor Space With HAULNJUNK

Don’t let an ugly hot tub take up valuable outdoor living space. Contact us online or call us at 877-428-5658 to request a free hot tub removal estimate. Find out how you can save money and enjoy environmentally friendly recycling with your local Orange County team at HAULNJUNK.

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