Refrigerator Removal

HAULNJUNK specializes in the removal of unwanted junk from
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Refrigerator Removal

Refrigerator Removal in Orange County

A defective, inefficient or just plain old refrigerator can detract from your kitchen design. Update your home and enjoy peace of mind with environmentally friendly refrigerator removal services. At HAULNJUNK, we take junk removal seriously. Explore our Orange County, California services today to see how you can safely remove and recycle your old appliances.

Safe Handling and Removal

From a mini fridge to the latest French Door model, removing refrigerators can be difficult. These bulky appliances are dangerous to move on your own, so when it’s time to retire yours you need to call in reinforcements. Our professional team at HAULNJUNK comes uniformed and ready for heavy lifting.

Once we safely remove your fridge and secure it in our truck, we either donate it or take it to a local recycling station. This prevents your refrigerator from filling up a landfill. These appliances contain refrigerants, which are harmful to the environment if improperly disposed of.

Replace Your Outdated Fridge Today

Enjoy refrigerator removal the right way with our hassle-free services at HAULNJUNK. Request an estimate in Orange County, California to empty your storage unit, replace your office refrigerator or prepare for a stunning new unit in your home. Save on removal projects and enjoy peace of mind with environmentally friendly services.

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Junk Removal in 3 Steps

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