When searching for junk removal services in Orange County, CA, don’t count out HaulNJunk. We’re a locally owned and operated company that exists for one reason: to provide neighbors like you with a truly excellent customer experience.  We can make that happen!



Over time, messes pile up, and that’s just an inevitability in the lives we lead. However, what you can avoid is having to clean up the messes on your own. When you’re dealing with any kind of junk in Orange County, CA, call HaulNJunk instead of sorting out the disaster yourself. We’re a full-service business that is proud to serve you! Our junk removal services in Orange County, CA are no-nonsense, always carried out by fully trained, completely professional experts. We remove junk from homes, businesses, rental spaces, and so many other properties because someone’s got to do it, right? Why not let us do it so you don’t have to?

Look, we understand that you don’t want that junk to take up space any longer than necessary. Because of this, consider reaching out to us sooner rather than later. Our hauling services in Orange County, CA are available as soon as today or tomorrow, so why not request a same-day or next-day appointment? There are two different ways you can get started with us. First and foremost, you can contact us online. On the other hand, you can give us a call at 949-877-4956. Whichever way you go about it, we can’t wait to hear from you. We can even provide you with a cost estimate for your appointment upon request.

Above all else, we’re the masters when it comes to junk pick up in Orange County, CA. Because of this, when you’ve got any kind of stuff that needs to go, we’re the most qualified team to take it off your hands! Get in touch with us, and we’ll remove that junk in the blink of an eye. That way, you can get back to enjoying a cleaner life.
We are proud to clean up commercial junk for our business partners all around Orange County. Some of the businesses we clean out include, but are not limited to, offices, restaurants, retail outlets, and warehouses. We also provide flexible scheduling so that we can serve you whenever it’s most convenient.
Get rid of your furniture without even lifting a finger with HaulNJunk. We have a strong and capable team that’s excited to remove your furniture for you, whether it’s a sofa, dresser, bed, or entertainment center! We have the muscles required for the work, so just sit back and enjoy the show!
It requires experience and training to safely demolish unwanted structures, so instead of obtaining this training for yourself, let the light demolition team at HaulNJunk do it for you. We’re excited to remove all kinds of structures for you, including sheds, decks, fences, and more! We’ll do it all for a fair and affordable price.
Removing hot tubs is not what most people would describe as an easy task, but for us, it’s just another day of the week. All we ask is that you drain the water from the tub, then disconnect the tub from power and plumbing. We can handle the rest from there, including the disposal of the components.
All junk removal jobs are a piece of cake for HaulNJunk. This includes projects that weren’t even listed here, such as apartment clean outs, appliance removal, carpet removal, and much, much more. Want to learn more about our junk removal services in Orange County, CA? We encourage you to call 949-877-4956.



Couches and Sofas
Wood Furniture
Fridges and Ranges
Above Ground Pools
Play Equipment
Entertainment Centers
Electronics and TVs
Treadmills and Weights
Mattresses and Beds
Washers and Dryers
Clothing and Toys
Household Junk


Nobody likes to haul away junk on their own, and chances are, if you’re on this webpage, you’re among them. Fortunately, HaulNJunk can make this bothersome responsibility much, much easier on you. Our full-service team handles every step of the process because we think you’ve got better things to do than clean up junk. First, we’ll arrive at your property and see how much clutter you’ve got for us. Then, we’ll prepare an upfront service quote for your approval. Finally, after you accept that quote, we’ll load all the junk into our truck and take it away for disposal.

Why should you choose us over the “big box” junk removal businesses? Well, there’s a lot to like about picking business owned by first responders from your community. Did you know that we provide better prices because we don’t have to pay franchise fees? Did you also know that we keep our regional economy chugging since we reinvest in our area? Make sure your hard-earned cash stays in your neighborhood by choosing HaulNJunk. In return, we’ll do our best for you. You deserve it, don’t you?