It goes without saying that cleaning out an entire house is a big undertaking. Fortunately, you never have to be the one to do all this hard work. As long as HaulNJunk is in your community, you’ll be able to contact us for the home junk removal you need.



The big day has finally come. It’s time for you to move out of your old home, and you’ve got to take your belongings and remove them fast! In another scenario, you might be a property manager that needs to clean up junk after an eviction or foreclosure. You could even be a home renovator that needs to get rid of clutter so you’ve got room to work on your project. As you can see, there are countless reasons why you might need house cleanout services. Whatever the cause, don’t be afraid to contact HaulNJunk for help. We’re a locally owned and operated junk removal business that loves serving our clients all across Orange County, CA.


Obviously, you don’t want to remove an entire house’s worth of junk on your own. So what will you do instead? Wrangle together a team of your friends and family members? You’ll have to be lucky enough for everyone’s schedules to align, and even if they do, you might find some of your lazier buddies trying to worm their way out of it. Want a team that really cares about the house clean out project? Want professionals instead of rookies? If so, then you’d better get in touch with HaulNJunk. We can clean out the kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, basement, and attic in a flash! That way, you’ll have time to spare after your appointment. We’re the fastest path to a clean house, and best of all, we’re located near you, too!

How much does a whole house clean out cost, anyway? You would assume that a big job like this would come for a big price tag. Well, at HaulNJunk, we aim to make it so junk removal doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive. We use volume-based prices so that what you pay is correlated with how much we haul away. In addition to this, we’ll always provide you with an upfront service quote. This means you’ll know what you’re paying from the beginning of your appointment. Now that’s handy!

What can we remove during your residential junk removal appointment? The amount of junk one can discover in a home would create an almost endless list. The good news is that we can take virtually all of it. From carpets and chairs to clothes and electronics and even your old decorations and kitchenware, we’re ready to remove your household junk. We are happy to serve you, and we’ll work tirelessly until you’ve got the same smile on your face that we have on ours!


  1. Before we clean out your house, we’ll need to make sure we have truck space, a complete team, and good spirits. We’ll be at the house shortly afterwards, excited to meet you.
  2. At the beginning of your appointment, we’ll estimate the house clean out cost for you. Approve our price, and our experts will be happy to start hauling junk immediately.
  3. We will remove all the junk from the house, including the stuff that’s in hard-to-reach places like high shelves, the attic, and the basement.
  4. Once the rooms are all clean and clutter-free, we’ll sweep up, accept your payment, and handle the disposal process for you, too.


One of the reasons why a DIY house cleanout might go awry is because of heavy objects. As it turns out, there are items that are best lifted up and hauled away by experts. The sheer weight of some furniture, such as entertainment centers, sofas, and wardrobes, can make it impossible for you to carry them on your own. This sounds like a job for the experts at HaulNJunk! In addition to removing furniture, we can also take away appliances, electronics, and many other heavy items!

Simply put, there is no unwanted item that’s too big for us. There’s no home that’s too big for us to clean out, either. Whether the residence is one story or five stories, we can clear out the clutter and introduce junk-free peace to the place. At the end of the day, we’ll have a truck full of junk, and you’ll have the chance to relax. Thanks to us, you didn’t have to do any work!

Make these hypothetical situations a reality. You can have an actual house clean out appointment with us—but only if you reach out to us first. Fortunately, it couldn’t be easier to get started. Contact us online to send us a service inquiry today.