When you need the best yard debris removal, look no further than HaulNJunk. We’ll have your home’s exterior looking amazing in no time!

Local Yard Debris Removal

Keeping your home looking great starts on the outside. No matter the season, there’s always something that needs to be done. Whether it’s mowing grass, raking leaves, planting new flowers, or pruning shrubs, there’s plenty to keep you busy. But after every project, you’re left with piles of sticks and trimmings or bags of grass that need to be removed ASAP. With lawn debris removal from HaulNJunk, you can leave the heavy lifting and hauling to the experts.

When it comes to keeping your yard looking great and getting rid of yard debris, we’re the right company for the job. There’s nothing that we can’t pick up and haul away. As long as it fits in our truck, we’ll have it gone in no time.

We work year-round, which means you can count on us to keep your yard looking great no matter the season or month. Getting rid of yard waste is as easy as one phone call! Get in touch by calling us at 949-776-2740 or use our online booking form.

Why Us for Yard Debris Removal?

Every homeowner wants their home to look nice. But if your landscape is riddled with bags of grass, broken pavers, and piles of twigs, your curbside appeal is definitely affected. With yard junk removal from HaulNJunk, you can count on us to restore beauty and tidiness to your home’s exterior.

After working for hours mowing or trimming trees, don’t put yet another thing on your plate. Let our crew collect and haul away all of the debris so that you can take some well-deserved time to sit back and relax.

Our experienced crew will work quickly and diligently to gather and remove all landscape debris. We tackle each project with a smile and a plan of attack that enables us to work efficiently. This is our commitment to top notch customer service.

Not only are we experienced, friendly, and efficient, we aren’t like other companies when it comes to pricing. Each project is based on volume, or how much room your junk will take up in your truck. This is the fairest and most convenient option. The best part? You’ll never pay any hidden or last-minute fees.

Our Yard Debris Removal Process

1. Scheduling yard debris removal is easy. Simply call us at 949-776-2740 or you can book services online.
2. On the day of your appointment, expect a courtesy call when we’re 15 minutes away.
3. Show us all of the yard debris that needs to be removed. We’ll have a volume-based quote ready in a matter of minutes.
4. If you approve of the cost, our crew will immediately get to work.
5. After collecting all yard debris from your home, pay us, and we’ll drive off with all of your yard waste in tow.
6. Enjoy your transformed outdoor space!

Hot Tub Removal

With no more yard debris cluttering your home’s exterior, you may start to notice other things that need to be removed. If you’ve got an unused or broken hot tub that you no longer want, we can get rid of that as well.

HaulNJunk has the equipment, experience, and manpower needed to get rid of a hot tub, outdoor spa, or jacuzzi. Don’t put yourself through the painstaking task of disassembling and hauling away something that’s so big, heavy, and bulky. Instead, leave it to the pros.

With our hot tub removal services, you can have total confidence that our crew will get the job done right at a great price.

About Us

No matter if you need tree debris removal or full-service yard waste removal, there’s no better company for the job. As a locally owned and operated company, we know the importance of keeping your home’s exterior looking clean and junk-free. We provide junk removal services across Orange County. With same-day and next-day appointments, we’re available to tackle your project when you need us the most.

At the same time, we also know the importance of providing great customer service. From the first phone call until we leave with your lawn debris, we guarantee a pleasurable experience. Ut should come as no surprise that we have an ever-growing number of 5-star reviews!

Though you’ll receive premium service, we don’t charge sky-high rates. Unlike franchise junk removal companies, you’re guaranteed a fair, affordable price. We don’t charge any hidden fees or surprise fees when it comes time to pay us. The number you see on your original quote is exactly what you’ll pay.

We’re excited to become your go-to company for junk removal in Orange County! Give us a call today at 949-776-2740 and let’s discuss your needs.