Should You Donate or Trash Your Junk?

Do you tend to be double-minded when it comes to your junk, unsure if you should donate or trash your clutter? Junk removal is daunting, annoying, but also generous; however, you know not to be lazy and just donate all your junk, but how do you determine what’s donation worthy and what’s not?


It’s not wrong to dump clothing that’s torn or stained. You may think, that a little hole or a nearly transparent blotch on a piece of clothing might not concern someone who still needs clothing, so donate it!

But that’s the wrong mentality when it comes to donating your household items. Only donate gently used or nearly new kitchenware, clothing, or furniture.


When rewarded at work with stuff in your offices such as desks, computers, or books use good judgment to determine treasure from trash.

Technology quickly ages nowadays. You might be making a better choice to recycle the parts rather than donating the hardware you complained about using every day.

Storage Unit

Your storage unit becomes a secondary garage full of precious things; yet dust, rust, and decay still erode your fortunes. Cleaning out your unit by regularly removing trash and donation-worthy items from your unit helps clear necessary storage space.

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