Trash or Treasure: Deciding What To Donate When Decluttering Your Garage

When it comes to decluttering, garage cleanouts can be intimidating. Garages are often filled with bulky items, but a little creative thinking can help you decide what to donate and where.

Items To Donate

Items in good working condition are helpful to many types of organizations. Ask schools, community centers, and groups that serve at-risk youths if they can use sports or gardening equipment; offer tools and woodworking equipment to vocational programs. Shelters, housing programs, and even community theater groups may welcome furniture, household appliances, or paint. Enthusiast groups (think cycling, hiking, fishing) may be able to direct you to appropriate places to donate more specialized items, and thrift stores that fund your favorite causes are also an option.

Items To Throw Away

Broken appliances aren’t helpful unless you know a charity has a repair program. Likewise, charities don’t have the time to clean years’ worth of rust and grime off of items. Recycle whatever your local program accepts and don’t fool yourself into thinking true junk is still useful. Finally, don’t risk injury if a usable item is too heavy or bulky for you to handle alone. If a charity can’t pick it up, contact a junk removal service instead.

At Junk Rescue, we strive to donate and recycle everything we can. Contact us today to schedule garage cleanouts and more so you can enjoy your freshly decluttered space.

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